7 tips for a great honeymoon


Our honeymoon is the trip that started it all-our love for travel!  Since that very first trip, we made it a priority to travel together as often as work and finances would allow.  We stayed at a beautiful all-inclusive in the Riviera Maya.  The food was amazing, there was a killer Michael Jackson impersonator (my husband found out really quickly how much I love MJ!), and the beach was perfect.  We explored Mayan Ruins and learned how to scuba dive together.  We also learned that we will never, ever kayak in the ocean again-but that’s a different blog post!  There’s a few other do’s and don’ts that we learned that will help you have a great honeymoon.

1. Put your phone down-We honeymooned back before it was common for resorts to have WiFi. And you know what?  It was great. We were completely unplugged and had 7 days to just enjoy one another and be totally in the moment.  After you let your family know that you’ve arrived safely, set aside a few minutes each day to update social media and the rest of the time focus on your new life as a married couple.

2. Be ready for adventure.  On our last day of the honeymoon, James and I were relaxing on the beach and watching parasailers go by. I casually told him “I’ve never parasailed before!”.  He left for a few minutes and came back and told me that the boat would be picking us up in ten minutes to parasail!  This was not a planned adventure, but I jumped in with both feet!  If you’re willing to be a little spontaneous, you may leave with some really great memories you otherwise would have missed out on.

3. Discuss what type of honeymoon you want. Do you want to relax in the sand at a quiet resort? Do you want nightlife and dancing?  Do you want active adventure? Do you want to be immersed in a new culture? It’s important for you and your fiancé to talk about this.  If you have wildly different expectations for what your honeymoon will be like, you will need to find a compromise!  A travel agent can help make your expectations a reality.  I wanted a quiet, relaxing resort and James wanted to be able to do lots of activities like scuba diving and exploring Mayan Ruins.  By discussing that, we were able to ensure that we both got our dream honeymoon.

4. Set a budget.  There are many wedding expenses but it’s important to make sure that you set aside money for your honeymoon. We treated the expense of the honeymoon as part of the budget of our wedding to ensure that we set aside money to have a nice trip.  Be realistic about what you can afford and stick to it.

5. Don’t skimp on comfort. Learn from our mistakes! We were silly.  We decided to try take cheaper flights to save $50, which added a leg to our flight.  Rather than having one layover en route to Cancun, we had two!  It added hours to our trip and we arrived at our resort after 2 a.m. We started out the first day of our honeymoon tired and cranky.  It is worth it to pay a little more and save elsewhere for good quality accommodations and good flight times.   You’ll thank me!

6. Pack well. We put all of our clothes in our checked bags and had very little in our carryon. Guess what happened?  Our luggage was lost!  We didn’t receive it for 24 hours and in the meantime, were stuck wearing jeans and tennis shoes around our tropical resort.  Pack a backup outfit, basic toiletries, and a swimsuit if you’re going somewhere tropical in your carryon.  We also learned to cross pack-we put some of my clothes in his luggage and vice versa.  If someone’s bag gets lost, we at least both have some clothes to start our trip with.

7. Use a travel agent.  We could have saved ourselves a lot of time if we had used a travel agent. I spent hours reading resort descriptions and reviews trying to find the perfect resort when a travel agent could have selected one for me after a short consultation.  She also would have talked us out of spending many more hours flying just to save $50, and we would have been grateful!

Travel agents know what resorts are quiet, what resorts have nightlife, and what resorts are close to the attractions you’re interested in.  If you’re undecided about a destination, they can ask questions and help guide you to the honeymoon of your dreams! Most travel agents don’t charge a fee!  Their services are free and you have someone before, during, and after your trip to answer questions and troubleshoot.

I hope you have the honeymoon of your dreams!  Talk to your fiancé about expectations, use a travel agent, put your phone away, and live in the moment!  You won’t regret it.

Need help planning your honeymoon or destination wedding?  Contact me!  I’m an Independent Travel Consultant!

What are your tips for honeymooners?  Comment below!


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