Is Mexico Safe?

Last weekend I helped out at Vincent Vacation’s booth at a Bridal Fair in OKC.  As I was talking to brides (and grooms!) about their honeymoon plans, the same question came up over and over, especially in regards to all inclusive resorts.  IS MEXICO SAFE? My answer was the same for every couple that I visited with.

“I feel safe enough in Mexico that I am taking my 6 month old daughter next month.  But you have to decide for yourself if you feel comfortable traveling there, and if not, there are lots of great options for beautiful beaches and all-inclusive resorts elsewhere.”

That statement was followed by a conversation with my tips for staying safe in Mexico, and these tips apply for any tourist destination across the globe:

  • Stay at a well-known, highly rated resort.  If you aren’t familiar with the resorts, please work with a travel agent.  Not only will they make sure you are staying at a safe resort, you’ll also stay somewhere with great food, great service, and beautiful accommodations.
  • Use well-known, highly rated tour operators for excursions.  Again, work with a travel agent and they will connect you with reputable companies.  You’ll also avoid being stuck in old yucky vehicles with no air conditioning and second rate tour guides.
  • Don’t try to buy drugs, don’t hang out with drug lords, and don’t try to party in areas you aren’t familiar with.  If you’re looking for night life, stay at a great resort that offers lots of night life.  Many resorts have dance clubs, nightly shows, theme parties, parties on the beach, and foam parties if that’s what you’re after-and much, much more.
  • Be aware of your surroundings and use common sense.  Just like at home, keep your wits about you use caution no matter where you go.  As any tourist destination, there are people who will prey on travelers, so be discreet about any cash you may have on you and don’t carry super expensive items with you.  For instance, really high-end bags or expensive jewelry could make you a target (as it could here in the states as well), so leave it in your hotel safe or better yet, just leave it at home.
  • Educate yourself.  There is violent crime in Mexico.  There is violent crime in the states.  Read up on the latest travel advisories/warnings from the State Department and make the best decision for yourself in regards to traveling to Mexico: U.S. State Department Travel Information to Mexico.

I feel safe in the resort areas and in major tourist areas, I don’t feel safe going to nightclubs (but I don’t do that in the states either).  Again, it is up to YOU to educate yourself about the potential risks of traveling to Mexico, as well as any other destination and decide if it is a place you feel comfortable traveling to.  Practice common sense and stay in reputable hotels wherever you choose to go!

NY Times article on Mexico travel

Conde Naste article on Mexico travel

U.S. State Department Travel Information to Mexico


Dreams Playa Mujeres, where I’ll be traveling to next month! Can’t wait!


Planning a trip to Mexico?  Contact me, I can help and there are no fees for my services!


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